A random woman walked up to me and asked me if I wanted a psychic reading?

A random woman walked up to me and asked me if I wanted a psychic reading?

It was a bit strange. I was asked 3 times by 3 different women. My 1st and 2nd time were from my school campus and the 3rd was from a mall I’ve went to today. I am curious about psychics, so I want to know a bit more about them, if you can provide some insights that’ll be great.

My question is, what draws a psychic to a person? Do they ask everyone or do they select persons randomly? Thanks.

Answer by Naguru
It is because of natural law of attraction, I think. Women have that kind of magnetic power to attract right type of people.

Answer by Lolrus

Answer by Tek Guy
They’re either:

>Just businessmen/women


>They truly believe that they’re psychic, and will go up to someone if they “feel” anything

Has anyone had a psychic reading before and predictions came true?

I am curious because about three weeks ago i went to three different psychics and was told some future predictions but i dont believe they will happen. All three psychics were credible they got excellent reviews on the internet.

Answer by Cletus
No psychic has EVER passed a double blind test of their “abilities”. You have to listen with the ear of a lawyer. “I predicted world events… call now”. I can predict world events. She never says she made *accurate* predictions. If you want to have a good chance of making predictions my humble suggestion is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decision_theory

Answer by Peter
I dunno how many are frauds and how many real…or indeed, if there is a continuum.

Read Michael Crichton’s autobiography “Travels” and decide if psychic ability is real or not.

Do not pay the extorionate rates these people charge to phone them, not only are they a rip off but as I show they don’t tell you much either!

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  1. Len says

    When you walk into a restaurant, it’s to grab a bite to eat. When you retire to your bedroom for the night, it’s to get needed rest. When a salesperson approaches you, it’s to make money by appealing to you in some manner. These people are approaching you and a lot of others as they try their best to make money.

    I don’t believe in the power or self-assessed psychics any more than I believe in ghosts. But you may see things differently and that’s your privilege. However, given that you aren’t making an effort to hook up with these folks, I’d dismiss any meaning you’re attaching. You’re nothing more than a meal ticket.


  2. Babs897 says

    It sounds like a group came in on a van and were hitting up your town for rubes. You are lucky you got away without being taken for money or pulled into a van. Remember, watch out for strangers. If these people had powers, wouldn’t they just pick the power ball lottery winning numbers or the next day’s stock market surprises, buy those and make money. Why would they need to make piddly sums from people, if their powers would enable them to make a fortune? I have never had this happen to me. The closest to a similar experience would be at a local carnival with the guess my age, lady. First thing, she says, is smile for me. They use your teeth to guess your age.

    I don’t remember if you are a woman, but if so, walk tougher. The last time, a young man approached me, I know he was going for a con, to ask me for money, claiming his car was broken down. I wouldn’t let him get near me, and started screaming. I don’t want people walking up to me. If I want something, I will go into a store and buy it, but they better not approach me. That is for my safety. The last thing I would do would be to go for a psychic reading, and end up with my bank account emptied. I don’t think that it was any type of coincidence that three people approached you. You may have looked receptive and friendly.

    Some people make a legitimate living for themselves and their families by working at a job in an office, and some people are con artists. They will walk up to anyone, until they are thrown out of town, and then, move to the next town. Be careful.

  3. Pat says

    I don’t believe they, especially the ones who seek you out, know anything more than anyone else. Probably all are frauds, state the obvious, and prey on people’s emotions.
    If you think they were drawn to you, see how undrawn they are to you when you don’t give them any money. They can be mean scam artists by verbally being emotionally threatening.

  4. me says

    If she really was a true “psychic” then there a number of reasons why she may have walked up to you. She probably felt energetically connected to you and/or emotionally drawn to you. This just means that you are open emotionally and she could tap into your energy easier. It just depends on who she connects with, etc. A psychic can pick up/tap into energies easily and some are much more “accessible” and open that others.

    That’s interesting that you have had it happen more than once, it means that you are very open emotionally! :) You may also have a bit of psychic ability yourself…

    A great psychic to read about and learn about is Allison DuBois. She is the woman who inspired the show Medium and explains a lot of things such as what I explained above, in her interviews and books.

  5. serenity_now! says

    Psychics use confirmation bias against you. Confirmation bias is a tendency for people to prefer information that confirms their preconceptions or hypotheses, independently of whether they are true.

    People can give the impression to you that you are special, because deep down inside you want to believe that you are.

    You are obviously the type of person that is open minded to magical thinking. Your appearance may suggest that you are easily manipulated with Illusory association between events and therefore open to suggestive thought.

    One factor in the appeal of “readings” by psychics is that listeners apply a confirmation bias in fitting the psychic’s statements to their own lives.

    You will need to get a hold on this before something or someone manipulates you out of cash or your heart.

  6. Seni says

    Look up “psionics,” first of all. That’s where you’ll find the real psychics, but I don’t see many bending spoons with their minds, I’m sorry to say. :) Maybe astral projecting. Stuff like that. Use your judgment to sort the real from the fake.
    They might just be energetically attracted to you, maybe you shouuld get psychically read in case something’s going on that you’re unaware about, so they can help you. Talk to your spirit guides [definitely].
    Best of wishes to you. :)

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