Can anyone give online psychic readings?

psychic readings

Can anyone give online psychic readings?

Spiritualists only
Is it possible to give online readings via this message?
I heard about it at my local church and wondered if it was fact or fiction

Answer by …. ⏈aav
Yes. I can but I can’t say how accurate my readings via the internet are.

Answer by Damien L
Interesting idea. I would think it would be easier to do, say online in World of Warcraft together. Or at least a person who spends much time pouring their attention and energy into the internet like a WoW addict, would probably be easier to connect with online.

psychic readings

does anyone know of any sites that offer accurate psychic readings?

i was wondering if anyone might know of a reputable site that offers accurate psychic readings….any help will be appreciated….thank you.

Answer by jmd72inva
I do not know of any reputable site that exists (I also don’t find the field in general to be reputable)

Answer by bimmer
since there is really no such thing as a true “psychic”, look for one that won’t charge any money to rip you off.

Answer by amy a
I do all day!

psychic readings

Do you believe in psychic readings?

I’ve always wanted to get one. Is it a scam or do you really believe in things like this?

Answer by thursday’s_child
It’s totally a scam, but you could just do it for fun.

Answer by Matt H
No. But it is still fun to do.

I dont believe in ghosts, but tours of Haunted Houses are pretty fun.

Answer by Mudoogul
If you want a psychic reading why hasn’t a psychic shown up at your door knowing you wanted a psychic reading? 😉

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  1. Harshm says

    I too think it’s a scam. The “physic” will tell you something and YOU make it true. But it might be fun with a group or something.

  2. JW625 says

    To mislead people, the demons use spiritism. The practice of spiritism is involvement with the demons, both in a direct way and through a human medium. The Bible condemns spiritism and warns us to keep free from everything connected with it. (Galatians 5:19-21) Spiritism does for the demons what bait does for fishermen. A fisherman uses a variety of baits to catch various kinds of fish. Similarly, wicked spirits use different forms of spiritism to bring all sorts of people under their influence.

    One type of bait used by the demons is divination. What is divination? It is an attempt to find out about the future or about something unknown. Some forms of divination are astrology, the use of tarot cards, crystal gazing, palmistry, and the search for mysterious omens, or signs, in dreams. Although many people think that practicing divination is harmless, the Bible shows that fortune-tellers and wicked spirits work together. For instance, Acts 16:16-18 mentions “a demon of divination” that enabled a girl to practice “the art of prediction.” But she lost this ability when the demon was cast out of her.

    Wicked spirits not only mislead people but also frighten them. Today, Satan and his demons know that they have only “a short period of time” left before they are put out of action, and they are now more vicious than ever. (Revelation 12:12, 17) Even so, thousands of people who once lived in daily dread of such wicked spirits have been able to break free. How did they do this? What can a person do even if he is already involved in spiritism?

    The Bible tells us both how to resist wicked spirits and how to break free from them. Consider the example of the first-century Christians in the city of Ephesus. Some of them practiced spiritism before becoming Christians. When they decided to break free from spiritism, what did they do? The Bible says: “Quite a number of those who practiced magical arts brought their books together and burned them up before everybody.” (Acts 19:19) By destroying their books on magic, those new Christians set an example for those who wish to resist wicked spirits today. People who want to serve Jehovah need to get rid of everything related to spiritism. That includes books, magazines, movies, posters, and music recordings that encourage the practice of spiritism and make it seem appealing and exciting. Included, too, are amulets or other items worn for protection against evil.—1 Corinthians 10:21.

    Some years after the Christians in Ephesus destroyed their books on magic, the apostle Paul wrote them: “We have a wrestling . . . against the wicked spirit forces.” (Ephesians 6:12) The demons had not given up. They were still trying to gain an advantage. So, what else did those Christians need to do? “Above all things,” said Paul, “take up the large shield of faith, with which you will be able to quench all the wicked one’s [Satan’s] burning missiles.” (Ephesians 6:16) The stronger our shield of faith, the greater our resistance to wicked spirit forces will be.—Matthew 17:20.

    How, then, can we strengthen our faith? By studying the Bible. The firmness of a wall depends very much on the strength of its foundation. In the same way, the firmness of our faith depends greatly on the strength of its base, which is accurate knowledge of God’s Word, the Bible. If we read and study the Bible daily, our faith will become strong. Like a strong wall, such faith will shield us from the influence of wicked spirits.—1 John 5:5.

  3. snakestersnake says

    I believe there are real psychics out there who give real readings… I also believe there are a lot of people who are trained to read subtle clues about body language and other indicators so as to tell you what you fear/hope for most at that point and time.

    Personally, I’ve had a couple of psychic readings and while I think one of them was the real deal, the other was so off base it had to be a scam (for one thing I didn’t have kids – pets I thought of as kids, yes but she was talking about how my kids would be doing well at school and be accepted for some meritorious award)

    If you’ve always wanted to get one, then go get one. Even if it is a scam, it will still be fun and you never know when you might come across the real deal.

  4. luvjesushope says

    It’s something people do with evil spirits sometimes so don’t do that. Instead, you can know God, our spiritual Father, in your life, and then you can pray about your life. God can help you. When you know God in your life as a Christian, you can get God’s guidance, help, and get to live in heaven forever after you die someday, if you live a good, God-honoring life. If you live a life without knowing God, then you go to hell — a bad place of suffering forever, when you die. God is all-powerful, all-knowing, eternal, holy, life, love. Praying the prayer below will make you a Christian. Then, live it out with faith and love for God and Jesus Christ, love others, Bible study, prayer, and church. It’s about having a relationship with God.
    This is how to know God — the basic Christian message and prayer — you need to accept God’s Son, Jesus Christ, into your life to be a Christian and follow God’s ways so you can receive God’s guidance in your life and get to heaven after you die. Knowing God can transform your life. As God is love, life is primarily about love and relationships in order to have a rich and full life. Also, you need to know God’s Son, Jesus Christ, in your life as your Lord and Savior as Jesus died on the cross as payment for our sins. Having Him with you will give you God’s blessing and forgiveness, as you live God’s way. Not following God leads to hell, eternal suffering. Instead, there is an important prayer to pray to become a Christian. This prayer should be said with faith in God and a sincere heart:
    “Dear God, I know that I am a sinful person and I don’t want to be like this anymore. I know that Jesus Christ died on the cross as payment for our sins, and I want to accept Jesus Christ into my life as my Lord and Savior so I can receive God’s forgiveness, guidance, and go to heaven someday. Thank you, dear God, for your mercy and guidance; in Jesus’ name. Amen.”
    This prayer can take you to a new place in your relationship with God and transform your life. After saying this prayer, you should check out a Christian church, like Baptist or Lutheran (not ELCA Lutheran). The church can get you baptized and prayed for, and you can pray for yourself daily.
    The church can get you into their Bible study group so you can learn more about God, Jesus, and God’s will for your life. The Bible is God’s instruction book about how to live a God-honoring life so you can go to heaven after you die. Ways to stay connected to God’s path include loving God and Jesus Christ, obeying God’s ways, daily Bible reading, daily prayer for yourself and others, getting to church, having your church prayer group and/or pastor pray for you, fasting with prayer for a higher level of prayer, getting with other Christians and doing a Bible study, singing hymns to God, taking communion with the church, helping and loving others, expressing your gratitude to God for His help in your life by telling others of your progress and helping them draw closer to God too, tithing, volunteering at church. Continue to turn from sins and seek God’s forgiveness in your life as you live your daily life. God guide your life.

  5. Lili says

    I believe that psychic readings are true as long as they are done by a professional and genuine psychic reader. Psychic readings can help you better understand your current state of life and give you some guidelines for the future. If the psychic reader is really genuine he can sense the energy surrounding you and help you with some guidelines.

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