Do you believe in psychic readings?

psychic readings

Do you believe in psychic readings?

Yesterday I went to get a psychic reading. I didn’t believe that they could actually be psychic. When I went in there she told me I will be married at 24, have 4 kids (a set of twins), I will be sucessful, I will marry a man in uniform, I will be a stenographer, a guy name josh with red hair will/likes me, and she said to watch out for a scott irish girl named Kathreen because she hates me. I didn’t believe in this at all. I was talking to my aunt and we were talking about her scottish date. I had just told her about the reading I had and she said her date is scott irish and he has a daughter named Kathreen. Do you believe in psychic readings?

Answer by David

Answer by pyjamatop
Yes, they can be very accurate.

Answer by jinond
no, it’s all bunk

psychic readings

Where can I find really generous psychic forums that only cater to psychic readings?

Where can I find really genereous and possibly free psychic forums that only cater to psychic readings and they don’t make you wait 2 weeks to 2 years for more than a few readings?

I joined two crappy psychic forums and I had to wait at least 2 weeks to ask one question for one forum and close to 100 posts to ask one from another forum which I find VERY unfair because readers tend to read their own members and the newbies ALWAYS, I MEAN ALWAYS get left out.

Can anyone recommend decent and good psychic/clairvoyant reading forums? I am so sorry that I am unemployed (laid off) and don’t have a buttload of money to pay for the readings but I need answers to my questions please and yahoo answers is the closest I’ve turn to for answers with no luck.

PS not interested in 8 ball or tarot websites like NOT INTERESTED in those types of crappy websites…. I need some answers not computer generated crap which makes no sense to me anyways.

Answer by theflattestbattery
I don’t know. But there are many psychic people who may help you out in:

psychic readings

How do Psychic Readings work?

Answer by Nature Mother
If you are talking about the ones where you call in, I have no clue.

If you are talking about sitting down with a person who is experienced in reading Tarot, I can help :)

You, as the asker, have a question in your mind, You speak it aloud.
The reader shuffles while thinking about your question.

The Reader sets the deck in front of you and you cut the deck.
Some Readers let you shuffle. Energies pass from you and into the cards, but even if you do not physically touch the cards, they always seem to have the answers.

The Reader lays out the cards in the formation that suits the question, then interprets the cards for you.

The Death card does not automatically mean ‘death’. It usually means the end of a situation.
The cards can be used as fortune tellers and it is up to you to let the cards play as they fall, or to change your life so that what is foretold does or does not come to pass.

Answer by Sadhara Satguru

Readings work via an energy link from between reader & client. The reader is then in the post of psychic postman as spirit & auras impart information.



  1. ~The Wind Blows to the Future~ says

    People may find meaning in particular readings, I guess

    Doesn’t make it “true”, as someone could find inspiration in “Everybody Poops”

  2. star says

    psychic = a subject of study in satanism

    who do you think they consult to give u info … demons.

    since you’ve used their services,
    they will want something in return .. yr soul.

    satan wants one thing from humans .. our soul.

  3. Todd says

    The jury is out. But, most psychic readers are just entertainment and not for real. They use a con-artist trick to withdraw information from you. If they guess wrong about the future, no big deal. As they do the reading, they pick up on tells and use common familial names related to how you look, that along with other physical mannerisms, clothing, jewelry, shoes, etc. They would make terribly good detectives.

    It is very easy, though, to screw with them by feeding false information :)

    Answer: plausible, but extremely unlikely. I have heard of people capable of reading minds/feelings to some extent, but that’s about as far as it goes. We even have terms for that like vibe.

    Watch tv personality John Edward a few times and you’ll notice very quickly — if you’re not naive — the mentalist tricks he uses.

  4. . says

    No, your fate and destiny is planned since the moment you’re born from God. The psychic is mortal. Their ability to foresee into the future is only possible with the allowance of God and even then they are not 100% when it comes to telling the future. That’s why they practice over and over again because they are not able to perfect mind reading and fortune telling.

  5. Mr McKenzie- Skeptical Christian says

    When scientists or scholars analyze the specific predictions psychics make, they find that most of the predictions are so general that it is impossible to verify whether or not they are accurate. But the accuracy isn’t the main reason people keep returning to physics. The thing people are looking for isn’t truth but comfort. They want to know that everything will be alright. They want to know in a world that can be confusing and disappointing, there are good things in their future.

    Some of the biggest supporters of physics are Hollywood celebrities, whose careers are regularly to roller-coaster ups and downs. Bill Burns is one of the best-known physics to the stars, according to the magazine Entertainment Weekly: “His name is Bill Burns, and Hollywood stars and execs swear by his powers of prediction. Here’s a peek behind the curtain:”

    “For a hour-long session, costing $ 275, the barrel-chested 61-year-old Boston native gives insiders a sixth sense about the biz… Working from the name or photograph of a person a client wants ‘profiled,’ Burns enters a trance-like state. ‘I get an instant knowing about who they are in relationship to the question I’m being asked,’ he says. ‘I can immediately and intuitively visualize the person’s motivations, hot buttons, reliability, and integrity.'”

    Even more bizarre is a cable television show called The Pet Psychic, which aired on the Animal Planet network. Host Sonya Fitzpatrick claims to communicate with animals so she can tell their owners what the pets are thinking. “If I was an old fake, dear, they wouldn’t be spending all this money doing my TV show,” says Fitzpatrick. But when there’s money to be made giving people the comfort they desperately want, who says a little fakery won’t go long the way?

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