Do you trust psychic readings?

psychic readings

Do you trust psychic readings?

Ive been anxious to do it but i dont want my future to go bad!

Answer by Jerome
I’m not gullible like you.

Answer by Alexface
I trust psychic readings the same amount as I trust Katie Price’s breasts.

In other words, they’re completely fake.

Answer by John
No, all they do is just subliminally tell you what you want to hear. Total bullshit, bro.

psychic readings

Do you believe in psychic readings? Have you been to one? 10 points?

If you’ve been to one was it worth it? 10 points

Answer by Ashley
I do my own reading with my own cards, and I believe that they work but I dont let them rule my life~

Answer by R
No, I don’t believe in that. Most “predictions” are so general that you can relate it to whichever event may happen in the future, and not a specific one.

Answer by Ryan
It is impossible for someone to read your mind, it is possible to hypnotize people though and get them to tell you things about them self. Think of it this way, people that do psychic readings charge you for things you want to hear.

psychic readings

Does anyone do free psychic readings?

Answer by anthony h
sure, but that is to bait you into coming back so they can charge you, it is all hogwash and wicked, stir clear of that, it causes spiritual death.

Answer by hewtrition
Yes. The internet is full of them. I’ve tried both of the ones on this site and they were great (one was $ 2 so practically free and really, really detailed). I got good results, so I go back frequently. There was no “baiting” like the other guy said. They both provided quality. I did try one once where the guy was really silent throughout the entire reading. I never went back to them because that did feel like a baiting type of situation. Good luck!

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  1. Bill C. says

    NO. I do not trust psychic readings. I trust bible reading.

    Do Not open up your life to that kind of evil by dealing with psychics.


  2. 1234 says

    my auntie is a psychic. i defiantly believe in it. however she is more of the spirit side of it not the future. ive been to a few tarot readers and some are shit but i got a really good one a while ago and they were spot on about my life and what i want to be.

    if you do go to one and they start asking you questions give them a very vague answer. you know they aren’t psychics if they need your help to predict who you are and your life.

  3. Frank SDA says

    If all people knew the truth, they would NEVER trust psychic readings.

    You see, the ONLY spirits that thes psychics can contact are Satan’s demons.

    And while you will get some truth, the overall message if ALWAYS FALSE. . .


  4. Zachary Meyer says

    I trust them and so do the people I`ve read so far. I do know that they are not absolute, but they are possibilities, branches or paths you can choose. The reading happens to be the one you currently are on.

  5. Pytr Pytr says

    yes, I trust that the psychic made it all up by analyzing anything I might say, and using proven techniques to guess at things that all people believe so that they look like they said something significant about you. It’s a scam that’s been run since the dawn of time.

    The magician The Amazing Randi has proven this repeatedly so that anyone can see how it’s done.

  6. Tom R says

    been to several usually in psychic fairs. when i first went i was scared that everyone would be reading my mind and judging me. didnt happen. i observed some psychics who just told people they wanted to hear. like a lover is coming etc. then there was one good one i saw that was right on and told me stuff i didnt even know until i left there. psychic ability is real and everyone has some degree of it. its not 100 percent accurate becauee we can change our future. i might suggest reading the book practical intuiton as an introduction or a book by john edwards or allison dubois

  7. Kk says

    Nah…two of them claimed I would become an actress but I just don’t see it. I’ll probably commit suicide before I’m 30. No one likes me anyway.

  8. believer_in_jesus37421 says

    I don’t practice astrology because the Bible tells me not to. Astrology and other forms of fortune-telling were very common in the ancient world, but the Bible writers scorned them and even called them “detestable practices” (Deuteronomy 18:12).

    Why is this? One reason is because God did not create the stars to give us insights into the future, but as a witness to His power and glory. The Bible says, “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands” (Psalm 19:1). When you look at the heavens, do they point you to God? Or are you only preoccupied with yourself and your future?

    Another reason I don’t follow astrology is because God has given us everything we need to know about the future in His Word, the Bible. No, it won’t tell you what is going to happen to you next week; if it did, would you learn to trust God and seek His guidance? I doubt it. But the Bible does tell us all we need to know, for it tells us that some day Christ will come again.

    When He does, Satan will be defeated, and Christ will reign forever and ever. Don’t put your hope in something that cannot save you. Instead, put your hope in Christ, for He alone can forgive your sins and take you to Heaven.

  9. aspicco says

    Yes there are good psychics out there, but what they yell you is not locked in stone.

    What they do is tune in to what you are setting up, but you can change any prediction you don’t like.

    Example: I went to a good psychic. I liked everything she told me. 90% of it cam true… some of it so specific I did a double-take when the events happened.

    The same visit my girlfriend at the time saw the psychic too. The psychic told her that she would have a new boyfriend enter her life in the next few months but she & I would remain close lifelong friends. Her response was Noooo! and the new boyfriend never showed up… we eventually broke up anyway, though have stayed friends…

    So what a good psychic tells you is your “most likely future” based on where you are now… but it can be changed.

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