Psychic readings?????

psychic readings

Psychic readings?????

Even though i am confuse about psychic readings but i would really like to know about me , but i have a little problem here, my birth date is not confirm ,can someone please tell me if i can still get accurate readings despite my unconfirmed birth date?

Answer by ~Tgae~
Don’t trust anyone who says ther are a psychic. Find someone who is well known by other people who had good experiences.

Answer by missemotion75(Is Focused)
You can get a decent reading using a solar chart if you do not have your birthtime

Answer by MissPixie
You can work to a limited degree without a birth time, but not without a birth date. By looking at major events in your life and working backward with transits and progressions you can confirm or refute possible dates, but it is a long and very involved process.

psychic readings

What good are psychic readings if they deal only in possibilty and not actuality ?

I can understand them warning you that if you continue on current path danger is ahead, but otherwise what good are readings unless the future they see is actual rather then only possible. Even I as someone who is not a psychic can tell someone they will be married within ten years or have a better job within one year, whether it actually happens is another story.

Answer by 6ofUs
Psychic readings are good for one thing only : making the “psychic” some cash.

Answer by Kitteh.
Don’t go to one if you don’t believe it.

Answer by eliaas2
not much. it is true that some questions can be answered or asked by the man on the street

psychic readings

psychic readings?

have u ever had a psychic reading?do u believe in it?or what they tell you.?

Answer by joann z
I believe it. Some do have the gift I think. I read Tarot cards, just for fun with my friends and they always tell me they can’t believe how much of it was true or comes true after I read them. I just read the card as I turn them over and I don’t have any Psychic poweres.


  1. CC says

    If the reading is for an unalterable actual future that cannot be changed, the use of any psychic reading is questionable.

  2. Tootsie pop says

    Everyone has a little psychic ability to them. many days I will talk about something odd with my boyfriend and we will see it later in the day, something that can’t be purely coincidence.
    I dont know if it has any signifigance, I’m sure it must why else do we notice it? Maybe its just to keep the belief in magic alive. Maybe its spirits talking to the psycic, giving them information that was meant for you to hear….theres no where you can be that isn’t where your meant to be. Just enjoy them!! Psychic -delic

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