Q&A: Does anyone believe in Psychic readings?

psychic readings

Does anyone believe in Psychic readings?

I went to get a Psychic reading today and my boyfriend and i are having some problems already but she said a couple of things that i know could be true and there was one thing i had a feeling about and i confronted him about it and he denied it.I believe the reading a little more than him what do you think?

Answer by Spiral
I believe it is all fake crap, to put it politely.

Answer by Hippie ♥ Chick
I believe in psychic readings.
Just be sure to go to a place that is recommended.
there are some ppl that will scam you for your money and make up a lot of bull$ hit
But, not all of them are like that.
Ppl can be more spiritually connected than others.
that’s what makes them special.
that’s what makes others afraid of them and calls them evil.
they cant grasp that concept fully.

Answer by Lucifer
its all a con for people to make money.

They are clever people who use many techniques to do their thing.
but its all a scam and made to make you believe they are psychic.

psychic readings

Is there free psychic readings done by somebody ?

I would like to know some specific details about my life. Is there anyone who will do free psychic readings for me and help me out with the answers for my questions ?

Thanks a ton
I understand they are powerful but before i do the reading I need to know if they are geunine…. so this sample might help…

Answer by FasterThan
Psychic readings can be powerful and revealing…when done by a professional. It may be difficult to acquire this service for free. A reading is much like any other type service, haircut, dental, nail salon, etc. How much value would you place on a free haircut? Would probably be a bad haircut…

Answer by Angela
You get what you pay for with a free reading. You should put your energy into trying to find a real psychic through referrals. Most powerful and accurate psychics will not give away the information for free. They need to make a living too, so they should be compensated for their time and energy that they put into a reading.

Answer by Miss Zoe
You will find your genuine free psychic reading by private e-mail with a psychic who sometimes visit Y!A. By private e-mail you get a more detailed and reading which also is free from public scrutiny and criticism.

psychic readings

Who Is The Michael Jordan Of Psychic Readings?

I have been in the psychic community for a while now, and I’m trying to learn it so that I can begin performing psychic readings myself. What I noticed is that this industry has no clear authority figures (unlike in basketball where we have MJ, or Kobe for now).

Does anybody know who is the go-to-guy in this industry. I’m asking because I am going to add that information on my site homepage at http://www.psychicguild.com

Answer by Brad
i am the mj of psychic readings, you jelly?


  1. travellinthrough says

    I have had a number of psychic readings. I do believe some psychics are very gifted. Others, not so much. I went to five different ones just to see how similar or different they were. There were two of those who were very good, a lot of specific information. Two were pretty general and I didn’t get much out of the reading. One gave me a lot of specific information but the time lines were way off.

    Those who speak in generalities and can’t give you anything specific that makes sense, are probably not very good psychics. I would not put too much significance on one reading. If you really want psychic guidance, go to more than one and see if any clear message is coming through.

  2. buzzard19 says

    Its all rubbish, these so called psychics are just very good at reading your body language and responses to answers.
    They usually ask u loads of generalized questions about your life, and can quite quickly psychologically profile u, and work out what u want to hear.

    I pity your poor boyfriend if u believe a random con artist rather than him.

  3. starcherub says

    I think you’re walking around the neighborhood trying to find a good excuse to dump your boyfriend, or at least get in an argument with him.

    Consider this your invitation, and permission is granted to dump him, even for no real reason. How you RSVP to this invitation is up to you now.

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